3 Reasons To Decorate Your Bathroom With Plants

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Calming Effect

The bathroom is our own private sanctuary – a place to cleanse away the day and feel revitalised. That is why it’s important to compliment the space with decor that enhances the comfortable and calm atmosphere. Plants and foliage create a sense of harmony and help put the ‘zen’ back into a space – perfect for turning your bathroom into a personalised haven.

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Air Quality

Not only are plants an appealing feature, but are also known for their health benefits. Indoor plants in particular have been found to absorb air-borne contaminants and chemicals floating around from household materials and products. With abilities to improve your health and wellbeing, plants are must for your bathroom!

With the power to enhance your physical and mental health, whilst making your bathroom look stylish, plants are a must-have for your home! It is important to choose plants that will thrive in your bathroom environment. Humidity, the space available and lighting all are factors to be considered when deciding!