3 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Couple Friendly Bathroom

Whether you’ve chosen to move in together or your partner visits regularly, the choice to create a more couple friendly bathroom can be key to a healthy and happy relationship. Here are our top tips to create a bathroom that pleases both you and your partner!

Neutral Shades

When looking to change your bathroom to suit you and your partner, firstly consider the colour and style of the room. Choosing colours is often a task that stirs argument between even the most harmonious of couples. While you might like a strong, bold blue, your partner may favour more warm hues.

Aim for a compromise and stick to neutral shades including white, grey, brown, cream, beige or taupe. These colours are all universally appealing and adaptable to many styles. Whether your bathroom has an ultra-modern style or a classic look, there is a neutral shade to compliment it perfectly.

Having neutral shades does not mean that your bathroom must remain monochrome, however. You can use contrasting colours in your tiles, for example, to highlight and attenuate certain elements of your bathroom.

Two Sinks

If you’re looking for more practical changes to make to your bathroom, adding a second sink basin is a wise move. Many couples will share a bathroom when getting ready for work in the morning and having to share a single basin can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

To alleviate this pressure, you should consider installing a second sink, so both and your partner can be free to use your own space to your heart’s content.

Separate Shower and Bath

Another way to reducing time consumption is to ensure that both of you have a place to wash at the same time. Consider having both a shower unit and a separate bath, which will allow you and partner to have ample space.

A freestanding bath can be the perfect inclusion for your bathroom. If you wish to share the bathtub space, you might wish to consider double end, larger bathtub. This will allow you and your partner to comfortably relax together but can also create an atmosphere.

Through these helpful tips, you’ll have a solid base through which to build your perfect, couple friendly bathroom off of. By embodying the values of compromise, independence and togetherness, your bathroom can become a shared heaven for you and your partner.