4 Bathroom Styling Tips On A Budget

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A bathroom renovation is an expensive project, and when it comes to styling and décor the budget can easily exceed. But, creating a modern and luxe bathroom is certainly achievable on a tight budget. We have highlighted four styling tips that are affordable, functional and stylish to help you along the way!


Not only are hampers or baskets functional and practical, but they are an inexpensive decorative touch. They are perfect storage solutions for spare toilet rolls, towels and small items to tidy up your bathroom in style. Straw baskets in particular add a natural, raw aesthetic and texture to the room!

Bath and Body Products

There is no reason why bath and body products cannot be put on display – particularly if they have an inviting scent and sleek packaging. Look out for handmade, quality products wrapped in stylish packaging that will enhance your bathroom design. Scatter products sparingly across a floating shelf or vanity to create a luxe, minimalistic look!


If your bathroom walls are neutral and could use a pop of colour, a large piece of art will create a bold statement for the room. Installing a singular piece that truly reflects your personality will transform the room into an individualised haven to enjoy for years to come.


If you have a common rectangular mirror, now is the time to upgrade! Try a circular shape or one with an interesting frame to style your bathroom. Often, the best can be found while thrifting and have enough character to be upcycled – making it an affordable and unique addition to the space.

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Now it is time to put these styling suggestions into action and give your bathroom a fresh, modern makeover that’ll make your wallet happy too!