How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

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Looking to plan bathroom renovation? The bathroom is simply the most heavily used area in your home. Therefore, it is essential to renovate the bathroom from time to time to keep the place Beautiful, Purposeful and Safe.

Plan your budget

The scale of your bathroom renovation project will invariably depend upon your budget. A full-scale refurbishment may cost much more than a partial makeover. You could end up spending a large amount of money when you add doorways, windows for ventilation, replace the tub, hygienic toilets, thin edge basins, redo electrical wiring and plumbing system. On the other hand, it may go over the budget if you opt for vanity, fixture, and hardware upgrades, and a fresh coat of paint.

Size up your entire bathroom

Take measurements of all the important aspects of your bathroom, including the walls, doors, windows, and vanity. The dimensions will help ensure there’s sufficient space for installing either a new technology embedded hygiene toilets or thin edge wash basins, mirror, walled cabinet, towel rail, and other fixtures as per your preferred bathroom aesthetics. Pre-planning the interiors will guide you to choose the right products to create a statement and will help you from cramping the place.

Trace your electrical outlets and plumbing lines

Mark out the existing electrical outlets and plumbing in your renovation blueprint. Reach out to the professional plumbers and electricians for if you want to install fixtures or outlets to make changes without disturbing the current setup of wiring and plumbing to avoid overshooting your budget.

Mount an extractor fan commensurate with the bathroom size

Mounting an extractor fan according to the Australian Standards with a CFM rating that’s higher than or equal to the area which will help thwart mildew and mould. To give it a more appealing look choose a vanity and flush-mount ceiling lights to make your bathroom look brighter and bigger.

Hire a professional bathroom designer

Make sure you entrust your bathroom remodelling job to an experienced designer for a better professional finish. The professionals could help you obtain rebates on fixtures, hardware and other fittings thereby enabling you to save money.

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