Transform Your Bathroom With The Right Lighting

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The right source and amount of light will have a dramatic effect on your bathroom in terms of both mood and functionality. You can transform a cold and dark space into a light-filled, luxurious haven – perfect for preparing yourself for the day and unwinding at night. There are four lighting techniques designed to support different elements of the bathroom, while working in unison to enhance the overall design and functionality:


This is an essential source for all bathrooms as it provides useful light for focused activities such shaving or applying makeup. To best achieve this source, it is recommended to install a pair of sconces on either side of the mirror and fixed at eye level to softly illuminate the reflection.

Sconces create a shadowless source to avoid harsh and uneven reflections of the face – making your morning and nightly routines a breeze.


This source is perfect for enhancing key fixtures and elements of the bathroom such as the vanity, basin and tapware to add extra sparkle and cleanliness. Downlights are also used to illuminate tiled feature walls, the tub or other decorative elements. The bathroom is a crucial selling-point of any house, so it is important to enhance your investment into key fixtures through accent lighting.


Providing both decorative and functional purposes, this source can be used to enhance the style of your bathroom, while operating alongside task lighting to improve efficiency. Pendant lamps are a trendy way to add warmth and depth to the space, and act as a focal point for the room.

Whether your bathroom has polished, matte or stone finish, a pendant lamp will compliment most designs.


Ambient lighting binds the other sources together and creates a balance between them. Although usually created through the reflection of the other three techniques, there are alternate ways to create ambient lighting in your bathroom. Ceiling cloves in particular help to mimic natural light and open up the space – perfect for transforming your bathroom into an inviting and calm haven.

The layering of these four techniques allows for light to be flexible and adapt to the mood and usage of the space – helping transform your bathroom into a personalised haven with maximum functionality.