American Standard contributes to Sustainable Urban Development through Indobuildtech Expo 2018

Sustainable sanitation is a catalyst for urban development. It starts with overarching innovation technology as well as design concept that touches various aspects. At LIXIL, we make things that matter – to all different sorts of people; to the many communities we are part of; sustainably to support the world we live in. Echoing LIXIL’s corporate responsibility and with an aim to enhance living spaces through innovative, responsible engagements and initiatives, LIXIL Water Technology Indonesia participated at this year Indobuildtech Expo.

“LIXIL has identified the needs and demands of Indonesian market and sees an opportunity to bring forward its global expertise in sanitary ware. Indobuildtech Expo 2018 is one of the largest exhibitions for property and housing industry and this is our fifth year of participation in this. We are happy to have engaged with various stakeholders and share our innovative solutions to the market needs,” said Arfindi Batubara, Marketing Director, LIXIL Water Technology Indonesia. “LIXIL is aligned with the vision of this year’s expo, that of Sustainable Urban Development. ‘Going Green’ has been a central aspect for us in product development, including our innovation and development at American Standard.”

Driving water conservation and environmental sustainability
Cities are facing rapid social and environmental changes that must be considered to ensure the future health and wellbeing of urban populations and surrounding ecosystems. By 2030, LIXIL aims to achieve a net zero balance between LIXIL’s environmental footprint and the positive environmental contributions created through its product and services. American Standard, as one of the brands under LIXIL Water Technology, showcases its product innovation at Indobuildtech Expo 2018, that incorporate green factor.

Despite consuming the least space within a residential or commercial property, bathroom has become the center of cleansing activities that maintains individual hygiene and health. Therefore, water and energy conservation plays an essential function in sanitary product.

American Standard introduced feature that allows user have the option to switch to power saving mod, making it easier to conserve energy. This feature is available for both American Standard electronic bidet seats and shower toilets. Aerozen and Pristine are equipped with an automated circuit breaker that immediately cuts off the power supply during unusual power situations, making it easier to further conserve energy.

Water conservation has been a top priority for American Standard in developing innovation for its product. 97% of the water on Earth is salt water and only three percent is fresh water. Saving precious water is an ongoing environmental concern. As a contributive solution, American Standard introduces innovations that does not only conserve water for sanitary product, but to also making it easier for user to save water through EasySET product.

EasySET allows user to control water volume and temperature more efficient and with convenient. The PreSET control that is installed outside bathroom allows user to enjoy the same shower experience with the pre-set water source, temperature and volume of water for the various showers, without the need to tinker with the individual controls again when they enter the bathroom. Instead of wasting water while user tries to figure out their volume and temperature control, EasySET enables user to enjoy a warm water shower the moment they step into the showers.

Inclusivity not only for products, but design and initiatives
Showcasing two collections line up during the Indobuildtech Expo 2018, IDS and Concept Nuovo, American Standard has won Best Booth Design Award for the second times in a row. The main essence of the design is warm and inviting, yet functional for guests to immerse themselves with the design element. Replicating design concept of a real house, LIXIL create an experience that allow guests to experience a spacious room and delve into each product benefit that suits their needs best. American Standard also emphasizes on diversity and inclusion to be translated to its design to support the elderly and people with disabilities, from creating a ramp instead of stairs to ensuring that the spaces within the booth are gives an ample room for wheelchair movement.

“American Standard product line up is LIXIL’s way of answering the needs of elegant products for middle-class segment that puts design and technology as the center of innovation to bring convenience.” Arfindi closes.

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