Top 6 Misconceptions About Bidets & Shower Toilets, Debunked

It’s a long-standing argument that has been going back and forth in the name of hygiene: Should we wipe or wash after using the toilet?

This isn’t the easiest conversation to have since not many are comfortable revealing their toilet habits. However, the sticky nature of the issue makes it necessary to do an audit on our bathroom habits.

Will you shower with a dry towel after a day of grime?

Why then, do most of us assume that dry toilet paper cleans you thoroughly after a toilet visit?

Here, we wipe off some common misconceptions and offer some clean facts on shower toilets and bidets.

Misconception #1: “I waste more water if I use a bidet.”

More than 35 gallons of water are used to produce a single roll of toilet paper.

Clean fact: Advocates counter that the amount of water used for bidet-cleansing is trivial compared to how much water is used to produce toilet paper.

Misconception #2: “Using bidets are not environmentally friendly.”

Millions of trees are pulped a year for toilet paper. The damage is also hard to reverse, considering that the regrowth of trees happens at a much slower rate than water conservation – a practice that can be implemented with immediacy. Tons of chlorine are used for bleaching the paper and significant amounts of energy and materials are also used in packaging of toilet paper.

Clean fact: Toilet paper can also clog pipes and adds a load on city sewage systems and water treatment plants. When you use a bidet like our Spalet range of products, it is actually much less stressful on the environment than using paper.

Misconception #3: “A bidet is unhygienic, especially if shared amongst users.”

Most infections are caused by bacteria entering the lower urinary tract – the bladder and the urethra.Toilet paper does not remove bacteria so much as simply moving it around! In fact, the friction or rubbing away with dry toilet paper can lead to irritation, injury and haemorrhoids. Worse, if you are wiping back to front instead of front to back, you could be moving bacteria from the anus to your urethra.

Clean fact: A bidet cleans more effectively than smearing dirt and bacteria around with toilet paper. The precise washing angle of more than 70 degrees ensure a thorough wash. American Standard selected range of Spalet products come with anti-bacteria dual nozzles, self-cleaning nozzles and a nozzle shutter that prevents waste materials from getting to the nozzle tips to ensure high levels of hygiene.

Misconception #4: “When I use toilet paper and wash my hands, it’s cleaner than touching a bidet as bacteria and germs can fester on the bidet and its remote control.”

Faecal bacteria can lead to very serious problems like Salmonella – a common bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract. Using toilet paper to clean yourself may potentially increase the chances of contracting bacterial diseases from faecal bacteria as your hand comes into close contact when wiping.

Clean fact: Shower toilets and bidets provide hands-free cleanse, so you minimize any direct/indirect contact with faecal waste. Besides, selected American Standard Spalet models also offer Anti-bacterial protection on their remote controls for your complete peace of mind.

Misconception #5: “The water that comes out of the nozzles for cleansing is the same water for flushing the toilet.”

The water inlets of American Standard Spalet range of products are directly connected to the water source used for your showers and faucets.

Clean fact: The water for both feminine air bubble cleansing and posterior cleansing come from a fresh water supply to ensure a hygienic cleanse.

Misconception #6: “Shower toilets & electronic bidets, even manual bidets are pricey.”

Comparing the cost of a pack of toilet paper to a shower toilet or electronic bidets may not seem justifiable at once, but the pros of a shower toilet/ bidet far outweigh that of toilet paper in terms of hygiene standards. Many toilet paper brands have been reducing the plies in each roll while keeping prices constant or increasing prices. Calling for a plumber when the toilet bowl is clogged from toilet paper also adds on to the hassle.

Clean fact: If your basic requirement is a clean nether region, consider investing in a manual or electronic bidet that is definitely gentler and will leave you cleaner than a dry wipe.

Washing not only cleans the intimate regions, but also proves to be more hygienic and environmentally friendly, and in the long run, more economical.

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